1. New business set up

At first we will help you to find the right legal structures:

Limited Company
Sole Trader

Then, you choose the right name for your business; we do register for your business with HMRC and Companies House.

2. Set up a basic accounting record system

No matter what kind of business you run; you are required by law to keep financial records relating to your business actives. Therefore a good accounting system will help accurate records and save you much of your times.

3. Set up a sample of Profit and Loss account or management account to suitable your business.

A profit and loss account or management account can provide information how your business was performances.

4. Start up tax planning

It is very important to have tax planning at start of your business that will give you good idea how much you may need to pay tax, how is possible to reduce to pay your tax. You will not like your tax charge on your profit to pay HMRC therefore please have a tax planning for your start up business.

5. Other related help

Please ask us if you need anything. We will sort out for you.